Safety Instructions

Welcome to the wonderful world of "torch free" dabbing!  Using a torch indoors is just not safe in any setting.  As with all dabbing paraphernalia the Cali Coil gets HOT.  Please use caution whenever touching the titanium nail and/ or coil.  While the unit will reach your optimum temperature and stabilize whithin about two minutes, it does take much more time to cool back down. Always be careful when dealing with a hot nail.


The Cali Coil Comes preset at 875 degrees.  You may prefer to turn the temperature up higher or down lower.  The beauty of the Cali Coil is the freedom it gives the user to find their perfect temperature, and its incredibly easy!  There are four buttons on the front of the unit.  (Set, Right, Down, and Up)  All you need to do is push up or down until you reach your desired setting.  Pushing the right arrow button twice locks in your desired temperature goal.  Two quick seconds later it is now showing the actual temperature, adjusting itself accordingly.


The Cali Coil can stay on for long periods of time.  However, you should never leave the unit unattended, and should always turn the Cali Coil off when not in use.  Note:  Educate your friends about the heat of the coil.  No one wats to learn that lesson the hard way. Whenever plugging in or unplugging the coil from the box, only grab the black connector. Never pull on the coil itself as damage will occur.  The titanium nail is universal with both 14MM and 18MM female joints.


Suggested temperature range not to exceed 1150 degrees.  Doing so will cause damage to the heating element.